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  • Commercial Asphalt Paving

    WHY Choose Advanced for your paving needs? Because experience counts!

    Advanced Surfacing has the experience you need when it comes to paving. These are items that we focus on to ensure your paving job is done correctly.

    Drainage – Make sure that your finished pavement will slope at least 1/4 inch per foot. You must have positive drainage on top of the blacktop.

    SubGrade – The sub-grade is the soil beneath your driveway. Different soils have widely different strength characteristics. Be sure to compact the soil if it was disturbed while digging. If you have utility trenches which will cross the driveway (water, gas, sewer, electric lines) make sure that your builder fills these trenches with gravel all the way to the top! Do not allow the builder to back-fill these trenches with soil!!!!! The soil will eventually settle and your driveway will have a depression. If you have soil which is poorly drained when wet, you should give serious consideration to installing drain tile beneath the base. This drain tile will help to keep water from softening the soil and spoiling the base.


    Base – The Foundation – The base or foundation of an asphalt driveway is the key to a crack resistant surface. The base and the soil beneath it do all the work in supporting the loads which will be placed on the driveway. There are two types of bases. One is the standard crushed gravel base. This base is placed upon high quality, strong, compacted soils. It often is a minimum of 6 inches thick. It can be up to 8 to10 inches in thickness, depending upon the strength of the soil and what type of vehicles will be on the driveway. You should always build the driveway for the heaviest vehicle which will be placed upon it. For example, suppose you intend to have a fully loaded concrete truck on your driveway. Many of these trucks weigh 36 tons when fully loaded. Each wheel of the truck could have a 6 to 8 ton load on it!! The footprint of each tire is less than 1 square foot!! The little bit of extra money you spend on the thicker base will be worth it. You can also install an asphalt base. This type of base is similar to standard blacktop except for one thing.

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