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  • Brewer Cote

    Brewer Cote®

    Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer

    “Protects & Beautifies Your Investment in Asphalt Pavements”

    What is Brewer Cote®?
    Brewer Cote® is a heavy duty protective coating – technically, a high solids colloidal dispersion of selected coal tar pitch, clay and water. Brewer Cote® is easily applied without heating at temperatures above 50F. Upon curing, Brewer Cote® forms a tough charcoal black barrier of coal tar pitch heavily fortified with inert minerals – highly resistant to the most prevalent elements that damage asphalt pavements. Constant laboratory control and the advantages of a continuous process colloid mill are your assurance of superior quality.

    Why Brewer Cote®?
    Resists Gas and Oil Droppings
    Brewer Cote® protects bituminous surfaces against damage from gas, oil, salt and chemicals that soften, weaken and eventually destroy asphalt pavement.

    Prevents Weather Damage
    Brewer Cote® seals against moisture penetration into the surface of the pavement with prevents damage from the effects of “freeze-thaw” cycles.

    Stops Oxidation
    Brewer Cote® shields the pavement against the “drying” action of the sun which precipitates raveling of the pavement aggregate.

    Beautifies Pavements
    Brewer Cote® has a rich, charcoal black color, which gives all asphalt pavements that new-look appearance.

    Brewer Cote® Delivers Value
    Brewer Cote® is your best insurance against gas and oil dripping, water damage and oxidation. Brewer Cote®, applied regularly, effectively extends the life of the pavement thereby protecting your investment by reducing the need for costly repairs and replacement in later years. At a cost of pennies per square foot, Brewer Cote® makes old pavements look new and new pavements last longer.

    Brewer Cote exceeds the requirements of Federal Specification RP-355 as well as ASTM Specifications D4866 and D5727.

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