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  • Crack Filling

    Crack sealing is done prior to any seal coat applications. If cracks are left unattended, water is able to penetrate to the base soaking and swelling the limestone thus destroying their strength and load bearing capabilities. It is evidenced by “alligator” cracking, sunken areas, and eventually potholes. Cracks at least 1/8″ or wider should be treated with a least a cold pour sealant which will seal the cracks for a year or so. For a longer term repair, hot poured crack sealant should be used. Hot Pour crack sealant remains flexible for a longer period of time and if used the crack repair can remain effective for 1-3 years. Not all contractors use the same applicator, we use a machine that leaves a 3 inch band over the crack, ensuring the material is pushed into the cracks and that both side of the crack are sealed for longevity.

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