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  • Types of Patching

    What’s the best repair for you, saw cut or an infrared repair?

    Both procedures are designed to repair failed areas of asphalt. The end product is essentially the same. However, cut and patch is employed when the damage has penetrated to the limestone base and little or no asphalt remains in the damaged area.  Click here for saw cut patching.

    Infrared is used when the damage does not go to the base, when there is sufficient asphalt remaining in the damaged area to be repaired. With cut and patch the damaged area is literally cut out (usually a foot wider on every side than the visible damage) with a saw.  Click here for infrared patching.

    The difference between the two procedures is in the final product. A cut and patch leaves four cuts in the asphalt that must be crack sealed. If crack sealer is not applied regularly, water will eventually penetrate to the base and make the area susceptible to failure again. Infrared creates a seamless repair. Consequently, it requires no crack sealer and should be less susceptible to water into the repaired area. IR is typically employed where the asphalt is fairly new and when there is not significant sealer buildup on the drive. Excessive sealer prevents the IR from penetrating to a sufficient depth. As noted, the correct procedure depends on the extent of the damage, the age of the driveway and the amount of sealer on its surface.

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